Working on my 2012 Midwinter Interlude piece

I’ve started working on the drawing I intend to submit as my piece for Bemidji State’s 2012 faculty-staff art show, the Midwinter Interlude. Back in 1991, I did a nine-panel collage of isolation shots of the character Jade DeCamp from Tim Vigil and David Quinn’s “Faust: Love of the Damned” comic series. You can see the original here, on my DeviantArt page.

I drew this on really bad paper, just some cheap 11×17 sketchpad, and as a result the paper has yellowed pretty badly over the last 21 years (eep!). I’ve been thinking about redoing this drawing for a long time, and my need for a new piece for this year’s Interlude seems like a perfect opportunity to do so.

I started this late last week, and grabbed a photo of the beginnings of the first panel; it’s up on Google+. That first panel is going pretty well. Most of the rest of it, not so much. The start of this drawing has been frustrating; I’ve done well on the panels that seemed like they’d be the most difficult, but on the “easy” ones, it’s just not working. I recall working on the original, and I pretty much just sat down and drew it. I can see how much better I was in 1991 when I was drawing significantly more often; I can tell where things went easily with the original just by how they’re drawn. For me to struggle with getting those panels to come together now is really frustrating.

But, last night I sat down and worked on the largest panel, which is also the most difficult angle, and I think that’s going very, very well. That panel will be an improvement on the original, and that’ll help the entire piece.

Now, I just need to work through those other panels and get this thing knocked out. I have until early February to finish it, and I think that should be plenty of time. I went right down to the wire with last year’s piece, finishing up about 10:30 p.m. the night before submissions had to go up in the gallery. But, I didn’t start it until January. I’m hoping this year I’ll be done far in advance of the show.

Assuming, that is, that I can get those side panels looking somewhat respectable. I’ll post another in progress shot in the next day or so.


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