Catching my breath

The three-day weekend last weekend did not give me much to post about, and this week has been a whirlwind. So, again, despite best intentions, 10-day gap. I need to put more effort into the “just show up every day” notion of maintaining this beast. I’ve been keeping up with Facebook and Twitter (mostly because they’re very fast and seem to be more suited for quick off-the-cuff updates), but I’ve (obviously) found it difficult to pop in here to keep things going here. There are a lot of things I post on Facebook that I could expand upon pretty easily if I’d bring those things into here; I’ll start trying to be better about that. “Just show up every day.”

Stuff I’m watching
Television time is a rare commodity in my house, as the screen is usually filled with “Barney show” for Millie and some combination of cartoon or Skylanders for Helen. About the only thing I’ve been watching remotely regularly is Tuesday-night Fear Factor with Helen; it shows Mondays at 8, which is after her bedtime, so we usually start watching it around 6:30 or so on Tuesdays after Millie is in bed. We totally love it. I have great memories of watching the first run of Fear Factor with Megan when she was little; the fact that Helen likes watching it with me too is just awesome.

Beyond that, Melissa and I have started watching a ton of The Tudors, the Showtime series from a few years back, on Netflix. We’re a few episodes into Season 2 at this point. At first I thought it was OK, but as the show has gone on, I have grown to really, really hate it. There are no likeable characters in this show at all, and it just gets to be a grind to spend an hour watching people be horrible to each other in every conceivable way. It’s exhausting and not really a lot of fun. The only redeeming quality is the set and costume designs.

In significantly brighter television news, Archer was back last night with its Season 3 debut. It’s sitting on my DVR waiting for me; I’m going to try and watch it tonight. It guest stars Burt Reynolds. As himself. It cannot possibly be anything but amazing.

Stuff I’m reading
I’m still trying to get caught up on my backlog of comic books. I have nice piles of stuff to catch up on. Morning Glories #15 was this week, and as the middle part of a three-part story there wasn’t a whole lot to it – mostly some background and further character development, but this continues to be one of the most intriguing things I read each month. It’s a fantastic book.

IDW started a digital-only Transformers series this week, too – 99 cents for a 15-page book. It’s an interesting experiment, especially considering they used one of the same artists that was doing the “present-day” half of the “Chaos” story arc in the main ongoing Transformers print series. I’d have expected them to go really cheap and have bad art, but it’s pretty solid. I’ve given it a couple of flip-throughs on my phone (and guided-view on your phone is the absolute worst possible medium for reading comics; even built-for-digital, this one is bad), but haven’t really read it yet. Also on my to-do list for the weekend.

Batman #5 and Birds of Prey #5 out this week as well, along with Cobra #9. I’m a couple of days behind on my review of Cobra due to grad school, but it’s almost complete and should be ready and posted later tonight. It’s really a great comic; it’s still early, but so far IDW is hitting a home run with the current “Cobra Command” storyline.

Stuff I’m drawing
I was able to get a couple of hours in on my “Jade 2.0” drawing that I’m working on for our faculty-staff art show. I still have a lot of work to do; it’s maybe a quarter done. But, I am on the verge of throwing away a nub of a pencil because I used it all up – I haven’t done that on a drawing in maybe 15 years. It’s a pretty great feeling. I still haven’t nearly had the time to get much done on the sketch blog idea that my friend Tony and I devised; he’s been working on something, but I’ve barely concepted an idea for what I want to draw for our first entry. I hope to have some time to do that this weekend, too.

Andy Bartlett

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