Quick update before bed

This has been a rough week for me. Work has been stressful, which made it difficult to focus on school in the evenings, which in turn made it way harder for me to focus on the two relatively simple assignments I had due this week for school. I got them done and I think they turned out just fine, but getting them finished required a lot more energy and effort than the final product warranted.

The application window for the job I’m currently holding closed Monday of this week at noon; I think that has a lot to do with how I’ve been feeling this week. I know that I have passed that invisible line in the sand and have moved beyond “just continue what my old boss was doing” and am now squarely in “this is my job.” It’s intimidating. The job is still incredibly fun, there is just more and more and more stuff every day added to the pile. It’s testing the limits of my ability to stay organized and maintain proper to-do lists. 🙂 But, mostly I think it has to do with that Monday deadline coming and going. Before Monday the job was just mine, and I didn’t think too much about the process of trying to keep it permanently. But, it’s game on now. I could win it, I could lose it; that’s really happening now. Again — intimidating.

I had lunch with Helen at her school today. They’re having a special week of activities that included the ability for family to come by and join our kids for lunch, so I met up with her for boiled pork, salad, corn and an apple. She was over the moon happy that I was there, and she and I had a lot of fun. She’s such an awesome kid.

For example, she totally loves playing “Dragon’s Lair” on my iPhone. It’s simple enough that she can beat most of the levels on her own (she only has problems with two levels, including the last one, and that’s mostly because the way the controls are coded for those levels makes successfully completing them extremely challenging), and yesterday she and I beat it for the first time. She was so proud of herself, and I got to spend all day today knowing I had a six-year-old daughter who beat one of the iconic video games of the early 1980s. I even bragged about her achievement on Facebook.  As I say – awesome kid.

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