Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Conversations with an almost-two-year old
Millie, looking at my phone’s lock-screen picture of Helen: “Sissy?”
Me: “Yes! That’s your sissy.”
Millie: “Megan?”
Me: “You want to see pictures of Megan? OK.” (I find a picture of her on my phone)
Millie: “Megan!”
Me: “Honey, Megan is your sissy, too. Can you say Sissy Megan?”
Millie: “Yuck!”

iBooks Producer update
I spent about 10 minutes with iBooks Producer yesterday and was able to drop in some graphics from the front cover of the latest issue of our alumni magazine and have something presentable in just a few seconds. Today I’m going to try and spend some more time with it and get at least a story or two and the Campus Notes section laid out. Not sure it’s necessary to do the entire issue yet, since I’m just trying to figure out the software and see what the build process is like. But if it ends up being as easy as building the cover ultimately was, then I’ll probably go ahead and build the entire thing just to see how it looks.

What I’m reading
I finally got around to reading this week’s issue of Batman yesterday morning; what an absolutely fantastic read. In the previous issue, Batman was drugged by an assassin, and this week we got a look inside Batman’s head as the drug caused confusion, disorientation and hallucinations. As the story moved on, the reader first had to turn the book sideways to read the pages; then after a few pages, you had to read it upside down and turn the pages in the opposite direction you typically would — paging backwards to advance the story, and eventually the book ended right-side up again. It was an absolutely genius layout trick, involving the reader in Batman’s spiraling journey into drug-fueled insanity right beside him. The fact that the story so far in this series has been really fun to read and Greg Capullo is doing absolutely beautiful work on the art is just icing on the cake. This was a brilliant comic book.

It was proof that in the hands of exceptionally talented creators, print still maintains some significant advantages that digital will have a really difficult time overcoming.

I also read the first issue of IDW’s new Transformers series, “More Than Meets the Eye.” It’s the first of two concurrent series IDW has launched to continue their Transformers universe; the second series, “Robots in Disguise,” launches this Wednesday, I believe. The art was quite a bit different than what the Transformers books have had in the past – it was very reminiscent of the look in the Transformers Animated TV series; long, thin, angular limbs and basic shapes without a tremendous amount of detail. It was a good look. Interesting premise for the series, too; it was an entertaining launching point for a new series and I’m curious to see where IDW goes with it.

In other reading, I’d like to try and make a dent in my “to read” pile today. I’m going to try and catch up on Batgirl, which shouldn’t be too bad since I only have two issues to read, and I think I’m going to grab my entire nine-issue run of Moon Knight and just re-read that from the beginning since I’m probably at least four issues behind on that series.

What I’m watching
I’m going  to try and camp out in the bedroom as much as I can today and watch the NFL conference championship games. I can almost guarantee I won’t be able to watch both games in their entirety; having kids running amok makes six uninterrupted hours of football basically impossible. If I had to choose, I hope I get to watch most of the AFC game between the Patriots and Ravens, although I suspect the 49ers/Giants matchup on the NFC side might actually be the better game.

What I’m playing
I actually stole some time with the big TV to get some Playstation 3 time in yesterday morning. Granted, it was only about an hour, but it was about an hour more than I’ve had in the last few months. I got through a level or two in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II; that’s a fun, but frustrating game. I’m only about six hours into it, in total, but it feels similar to the first one in that as your character gets more powerful, your opponents keep pace with you so you never feel like you can dominate a group of enemies. There’s always an opponent with a counter to whatever powerup you just received, it seems. Ah, well. It’s still an entertaining game.

2 Thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

  1. Your Millie sounds precious! I cannot fathom how you are managing to keep up a blog, work, go to school, be a hubby, be a dad, review comics… good gosh, man, I’m losing my breath just counting it off! I need to get my own blog updated… I just can’t think of a thing to say. :\

  2. I don’t sleep nearly as much as I should. 🙂 It is an extremely busy life, but I’m having fun with it. Excitement for school is the most difficult thing to sustain, really, but the way things are shaping up this spring I should have to deal with it at most three or four nights a week (which is plenty). And, yes, Millie is precious. She’s an amazing little kid; all three of my girls are amazing. I’m super fortunate to have them, and I think about how lucky I am to be their dad every single day.

    It’s nice to hear from you! Glad you stopped by.

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