Friday was a long day

Today’s been a crazily long day. It was Helen’s birthday (various Instagram pics in the sidebar to the right), so it’s been pretty much go-go-go all day. We did her “special birthday breakfast” of chocolate-chip pancakes this morning, then she helped me decorate the cake for her party. We’ve been planning this cake for awhile; she said she wanted a pink, blue and purple rock star cake with a guitar on it that said “Rock On, Helen” — so that’s exactly what I made her. 🙂 The guitar even had a real, handmade walnut body. Or, at least a body made up of chopped walnuts.

Swimming party from 1-4, then straight to Melissa’s parents for dinner and round 2 of cake and ice cream. We got home a bit after 7; Millie was asleep within minutes. Helen was up until a few minutes ago playing with a couple of her new Skylanders — one of her friends gave her the three-pack with Stealth Elf in it, and she’s wanted Stealth Elf for a long time.

Computer problems
My laptop was down for the count for just over three hours yesterday afternoon; I got TKO’d by the MacOS 10.7.3 updater; the update itself installed just fine, apparently, but I was left with a blank login screen — three hours later, I got logged in. But this was the worst problem I’ve had with a point update probably ever, and I’ve been using MacOS X since the public beta of 10.0 in 2000. And, honestly, I can probably attribute this to the Active Directory account garbage I have to use for work than to anything with the actual update. Seems to be working great now, though.

Andy Bartlett

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