Animals love us

This evening after dinner, Helen wanted to spend some time outside. About an hour later, a very excited little girl came in and demanded I go outside, because she had something very cool to show me. That cool thing? A very nice gray cat who looked like she hadn’t eaten in a very long time, and who had pretty mangy fur. We gave the cat a couple of cut-up hotdogs to eat, and she devoured them both. She’s been on the deck for hours now. We put out some tuna for her as well, and she just hangs out there. I feel bad for the cat, but it’s not really safe to bring it inside, and Mel’s allergic anyway; we’ll see how long it sticks around.

Last week, we had a yellow lab with no collar show up in the yard, also needing food. We fed the dog too, but it ran off and we haven’t seen it since.

It must’ve told the cat we have food.

What I’m Buying
My parents gave me a ton of cash for my birthday. I still havent’ done a whole lot with it – I’ve taken the family out to eat a couple of times, and the first thing I did with it was buy some toys for Helen. I’ve also bought both girls some books.  Helen’s surprise showed up today; she’s completely enamored with Activison’s Skylanders game, and restocked their exclusive three-pack of “legendary” figures. They also had a legendary single-pack in stock as well that’s exclusive to them, so I bought that for her too. By the time I paid tax and shipping it was a pretty expensive present, but she totally loves it. Worth every penny.

I still haven’t really bought anything for me yet; I won the first two seasons of True Blood on BluRay for $40 on eBay today, so that was pretty awesome. I’ve got a gimangous shopping cart going on Amazon, but haven’t hit the “ship” button yet. We’re going to a huge indoor garage sale tomorrow that will have around 190 sellers, and I’m kinda hoping there’s some fun junk there to buy. That’s going to be insane; I’m totally looking forward to it.

What I’m Writing
I  have been procrastinating on the final paper for each of my classes in graduate school this spring to historic levels. They’re both due next week; I haven’t been terribly worried about either of them. I started one today; for all intents and purposes, the second one hasn’t yet been started. I’ll get to it. But, I put almost 2,000 words into the first one today, just barely reaching into a sixth page. I wasn’t really sure how to start it, and I really wasn’t sure how I was going to finish it, so I just started writing. Once I hit about 1,400 words, I figured out where I was going with it. From here on out, it should be pretty easy. The second paper will be piece of cake; I’ll start it as soon as I get this one done.

My efforts to “just show up” here at have been pretty successful this week; this is my fourth post in five days since Monday, which is better than I’ve done in awhile. Self high-five.

Back to writing for school. Adieu!

2 Thoughts on “Animals love us

  1. Loved the story of Helen and the kitty… there’s no reason you can’t keep her as an outdoor kitty. Just keep feeding her at the same time each day, keep a bowl of water out, and make her a little shelter like the one on this page out of a storage tote:

    It’s about a third of the way down the page. A good “daddy-and-me” project! What will you name her?

    Just make sure you can get her up to date on all the outdoor kitty shots, and get her a collar with your info on it so people know she’s yours now. 🙂

  2. Well, the cat hasn’t been back since that evening. If it returns, I’m sure we’ll feed her again. That was kinda fun.

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