Wednesday update

Second night in a row Millie has been up until around 9… Not cool, baby. Not cool.

Soldiers Gone Wild
So, today this happened. U.S. soliders, posing in horrible, horrible photos; we’ve seen this before. The reaction nationally is exactly what you would predict. Investigations will take place, says some Senator. We are outraged, says a Congressman. These heinous actions of a few aren’t representative of the ideals of our military, says the Secretary of Defense. Blah, blah, blah says the White House.

Nobody should be apologizing for those soldiers in the photos. But nobody is apologizing for putting them into the situation where those photos are even possible, either. The photos these soldiers took are disgusting, but y’know what? They’re in a disgusting situation. I find it pretty difficult to fault them too much when we, as a country, have told them “here are some guns, grenade launchers and tanks. We’re going to fly you halfway around the world, and we’d like you to kill a few thousand people for us. But we’d also really appreciate it if you tried not to embarrass us while you’re doing all the killing.”

It’s incredibly easy to judge this kind of thing from the safety of my desk. But I don’t spend every second of my life knowing people are trying to kill me, and will probably succeed if my friends or I don’t find some way to kill them first.

The situation those people are in doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. At some point, the way they react to it isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense, either.

Hollywood math
Vampire + fairy = a baby that will kill every other baby in Hollywood. “I don’t love your blood, Sookie. I love you. And I love our half-vampire, half-fairy baby.”

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