Busy weekend at the Casa

I’m going to throw a quick post in at the end of what has been a pretty crazily busy weekend here.

What I’m Watching
Avengers — twice.  It had been my goal to get two Avengers showings in this weekend for about a week; Helen had been wanting to go see it for months, and after talking with Mel about it decided to do an advance screening to make sure it was OK for her (cut to the chase – Mel and I took her last night, and she lovedlovedloved it).

There’s not much I can say about this movie that hasn’t been said 12,000 times all over the Internet already, so I’m not going to bother with a review or anything like that. Suffice it to say that I absolutely loved this movie. Absolutely loved it. Since the brilliant first Iron Man movie, Marvel’s buildup to this massive event flick has been pretty solid if not spectacular — Iron Man 2 got bogged down a bit by the need to shoe-horn in the Capt. America and Thor references, and the two movies stemming from those references were pretty solid but not great by any means. Still, expectations for Avengers were pretty high — and, man, it delivered. Tom Huddleston was brilliant as Loki; Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk absolutely stole the show (best representation of Hulk outside of a comic book ever); Robert Downey, Jr., just is Tony Stark at this point; the SHIELD Helicarrier was amazing; the final battle was everything the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Chicago fight wished it could have been… On and on and on. It is a fantastic movie.

Even better – THANOS. As great as this movie was, Avengers 2: Avengers in Space could be even better. Especially if Marvel somehow gets the rights back for ROM: Space Knight before then…

What I’m Reading
I took the girls downtown for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday; Helen loves going, and I’ve taken her each of the last four years. This was Millie’s second FCBD appearance, as well. Helen decided to get a HeroClix miniature of Thor; she’s picked up the HeroClix every year I’ve taken her, and now has Thor, War Machine, Batman and Green Lantern. I was able to get IDW’s Transformers 80.5, the lead-in to the Transformers: Generation One series they’re starting up this summer as a direct continuation to Marvel’s Transformers series from the 1980s that ended at 80 issues. IDW’s relaunch will start at #81, and just carry on the old series.

They have done the same thing with G.I. Joe to some success; they hired Larry Hama to resurrect that series from the dead, relaunching it with a #155.5 issue at Free Comic Book Day two years ago and then starting its continuation with #156. It’s the only one of IDW’s four regular monthly G.I. Joe series I don’t read, even though I have most of them upstairs…

I saved my Wednesday store run for this weekend because of FCBD; I didn’t want to go in and get free stuff and not also buy something (this tactic cost me Animal Man #9, which kinda bums me out, but that’s the risk I took when I removed everything DC off of my pull list). They had copies of DC’s Earth 2 and World’s Finest debuts left, so I picked both of those up.

Nicola Scott’s art in Earth 2 is really the highlight of both books; she gets to draw Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all getting killed in one issue, which is a pretty good trick, really (even though the panel where Wonder Woman bites it is kinda problematic; it seems like Scott’s hands were tied a bit by the space she had to draw the scene). The World’s Finest book is mostly a “here are your two main heroines; here is how they got where they are in this universe” type of situation. It strikes me that it could wind up being the more interesting of the two books, mostly because Earth 2 not only killed the three biggest heroes in the DC universe in the span of just a few pages, two other characters who played pivotal roles in the book fell through a wormhole of some sort into a parallel universe — landing as the two main characters in World’s Finest. So, really, not a single super-hero we saw in this book will make it to issue #2. It closes with some character introductions and a chance encounter with Mercury (yes, the god Mercury) to foreshadow some of the heroes we’ll meet next month, but for now every superhero we saw in this comic was either killed or transported to a parallel universe. If you are a hero on Earth 2, man, those are not good odds…

Coming up this week: Batman #9; G.I. Joe #13; Invincible #91; Morning Glories #18 (not confirmed as a release this week). If the shop gets Takio #1 (if it ships), I’ll get that for Helen, too.

All for now. *yawn*

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