Saturday Night is For Fighting

Not really. Saturday has been for partying, really. They’re all gone now, but we’ve had people over basically all day. Both of them brought their daughters who are about Helen’s age, so the girls partied in the back yard most of the day, and right now Helen is still in the basement winding down and watching “Tangled.” I’ll have to go check on her soon to see if she’s asleep.

We braved some rain and hit up a couple of garage sales this morning; in typical fashion, everybody found some little things to come away with except for me (not that I’m complaining). Helen’s big score was a bag of about 450 Pokemon cards for two bucks. She’s caught the Pokemon bug, and we keep trying to find time to learn how to play the card game while Millie isn’t around to jump into the middle of things and start throwing cards all over the room. Still want to make sure we can do that somehow; the game plays into several of the things that are likely to get me hooked on it — namely, collecting things, and strategizing how to use available cards to build a game deck. I’m sure I’ll have fun playing the game with her once we get into it.

What I’m Drawing
I put out a call on Facebook this morning asking people to request drawings; I bought a pack of 15 blank postcards when I was at Blick’s in Minneapolis last weekend. I thought it’d be fun to get them and have people ask me to draw something for them, and then mail it to them. I had a couple of people that I just wanted to send something to, so they got on the list, but even so I had enough responses in a couple of hours to occupy all 15 cards with a few left over. I’ll have to buy a second package of them if I can find ’em and make sure everybody who asked for one gets something.  It seemed like a fun, tangible project that could force me to draw; I drew four days this week, which for me is pretty good. I need to find actual things to draw instead of just dinking around in my sketchbook, though.

All for now.

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