Ever wonder how many movies you’ve watched in your life? Well, I started counting. So far, I’m up to 1,679. I got an account at Letterboxd.com, a social site for movie lovers; it’s still in beta, so it’s not quite perfected yet, but what’s there works OK. You can add any movie you’ve ever seen, rate it, review it, and put it into lists if you wish.

My total of 1,679 movies isn’t even remotely close to every movie I’ve seen either — there are hundreds and hundreds of them missing, at least. I’m sure some won’t even make the list; I used to watch around 10 movies a week, and some of them I don’t even remember. The names are familiar, but I can’t remember any more if that’s because I’ve seen the movie or just recognize the box art from decades of visiting movie rental stores.

Do some math on that; figure that an average movie is probably 100 minutes, that’s 167,900 minutes of movies — 2,798 hours and 20 minutes, or 116 and a half straight days of movies. That’s kindof a staggering amount of time stretched out over the decades.

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