Pursuing a house

I mentioned in my previous post on the 8th that we spent some time on Saturday looking at houses; it was mostly on a whim because we enjoy doing it, but for the first time in many years we found one that warranted more than just a look.

TL:DR version: The day before yesterday, Melissa and I put our home up for sale.

The second house we saw on Saturday had basically everything that’s on the list Melissa and I have assembled in our heads as we’ve looked for possible new homes for our family over the last eight years – and that’s not much of an exaggeration. We have looked at dozens and dozens of houses in Bemidji and even in neighboring towns over the years; we’ve come close a couple of times and even put an offer on a house back in about 2006, but this is the first time we’ve gone far enough to put our house on the market.

The new house would be a great place. It’s basically the exact same size as our current house, but with square footage on two levels instead of three. It bunches three bedrooms together on the first floor, with another windowless room in the basement that would work for a fourth bedroom for Megan or guests or other purposes. The kitchen is small but very nice; there’s a large L-shaped wrap-around deck; a space that could be a formal living room; two-car attached garage; there’s a master suite with en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet; the basement is huge with two living areas, a couple of bonus rooms and another 3/4 bath. To top it off it’s on a two-acre lot that’s mostly wooded. Just a nice place.

Even with all of the amenities, the most important thing about it: it would be our house. We’ve been in our house now for the entirety of our relationship; Melissa bought it over a year before we met and was renting rooms to her friends. When Megan and I moved in after the wedding, she still had two of those roommates. We have lived here because it’s a perfectly fine house that’s been perfectly acceptable for our family. But we didn’t pick it together.

A lot of things have to happen for this to work; there already has been a wrinkle in our initial offer that’s not in our favor, and the entire deal basically hinges on our ability to sell our house quickly. And since this was a spur-of-the moment thing that we weren’t at all planning in advance, we’ve got a ton of stuff to do on our house. A ton.

But, we’re making a run at this and we’ll see what happens. Worst-case scenario is we stay here, and as I said – this is a perfectly fine house.

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