Busy, busy weekend

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Crazy busy weekend
Friday date night… Saturday garage sales and upstairs-cleaning duties… Kid Day today. It’s been a long weekend. Fun, and mostly unproductive, but mostly fun.

To show support for Helen cleaning the total disaster that was her bedroom, I started straightening up my office upstairs. It has become so full of stuff that it’s barely useable; mostly furniture, really. The room is tiny; maybe 8×10 with no windows, but as the room has a sloped ceiling due to the house’s roof line only about half of the floor space is useable for much. As of yesterday, there were four full-height bookshelves, two two-shelf closet organizers that are on the floor under the roof slope, the desk that my parents got me as a high school graduation present and a drafting table. There also was a television on the floor which left me barely enough room to maneuver my chair between my computer desk and the drawing area.

Part of the problem is the absolutely enormous desk that is holding my equally enormous PowerMac G5. In November, that behemoth will be 10 years old and it’s to the point that I use it for a web browser and not much else. It’s time for it to go, and that’s going to free up a ton of space.

The fun thing about making progress with a major room overhaul is that you have to blow it up and make it an even bigger mess before it all comes back together. I made quite a bit of progress, but it looks worse than ever. Fun.

Helen’s Toy Show
Helen got hooked on YouTube videos of a couple doing box opening descriptions of My Little Pony toys this weekend; she got to the point that she decided she wanted to do her own. So, tonight, we started Helen’s Toy Show. We did a two-minute video of her opening a fat-pack of My Little Pony trading cards this evening and posted it on my Facebook wall. She got three likes and a comment from one of Mel’s friends before bed, and she went to sleep thinking she’s going to be famous. It was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

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