Getting back to the blog

I am active on Twitter and Facebook – I update those things all the time. My blog gets mostly ignored, as you can plainly see. I know all about bringing some of the smaller nuggets that get sent out to social media back into the blog so they can be expanded on. I’ve just never developed the workflow or the discipline to make sure that actually happens.

Disruptive workflows just ruin me — and opening WordPress to blog is a disruptive workflow. I’ve tried a couple of different things to remedy that:

I started using IFTTT to auto-dump Facebook posts, Twitter updates and Twitter favorites into Evernote, thinking I’d go back later and pull some of that content into blog posts. But realistically Evernote’s just acting as a vault to hold that stuff, and I’m not referring to it — ever.

I bought Byword, which has a really nifty feature that’ll publish the things you write directly to WordPress. Only the Markdown code — especially for things like footnotes, which I’ve grown to like using quite a bit — never imported correctly. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess I was doing something incorrectly, but the process of writing a blog post, uploading it and then fixing a bunch of broken markup code by hand a couple of times soured me on the entire process.

I installed a couple of different editorial calendar plugins with the thought that it’d help me plan posts, including StressLimit’s Editorial Calendar plugin and a trial of CoSchedule. Both are great, but required me to be logged into WordPress in order to use them; and, honestly, if I was going to log into WordPress to use this calendar, I’d log into WordPress to write posts.

I’m now checking out Blogo, a desktop blog-updating thing, just to see how that works out. It has a very attractive grey interface but I’m going to need some time to figure out how to do some things (like footnotes) or if those things are even possible.

At first blush there seems to be a lot to like about Blogo, though. For one, since it pulls down all of my previous posts — including unpublished drafts —I could use the StressLimit calendar plugin to schedule posts and then write them in Blogo; that might actually work.

I also now have a thought that I could also use IFTTT to send Facebook and Twitter posts to the blog as drafts, and then use Blogo to write some different posts. But, again, I want to play with how Blogo embeds tweets, etc., before I worry too much about that.

Ugh. I should just stop making this so difficult and log into WordPress and blog. But if it were that easy, this post wouldn’t be necessary.

I’ll figure it out.

150-ish word movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy

WHAT: Guardians of the Galaxy
WHEN: Friday, Aug. 1
WHERE: Bemidji Theatre


Chris Pratt’s Star Lord in a fighter during the film’s final battle.

I’m a few days late on this, having seen “Guardians of the Galaxy” on Friday with Helen; but even after having some time to reflect I must say I remain completely in love with this movie. While it has some issues — the early exposition that tried to explain Ronan’s vendetta against the Nova would’ve been something better seen than explained, for instance — there was so much about Guardians that was simply outstanding that the areas where it fell flat ultimately didn’t matter. Chris Pratt was fantastic as Star Lord — everything you see about him being this generation’s Han Solo is entirely appropriate. Rocket — by far this movie’s biggest risk — was excellent, and it was because of the energy Bradley Cooper gave the character’s voice. Hell, by the end I even bought John C. Reilly as a member of the Nova Corps. This is a Day 1 BluRay purchase, without question, and I’d return to the theaters to watch it again without hesitation or remorse. Fabulous movie.